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100 Year Anniversary Gold Replica

Artist & former Manx Grand Prix Winner Glen English has made this unique gold replica of the famous Manx Grand Prix trophy in celebration of 100 years of the Manx Grand Prix.

Standing 33cm high & finished in 24 carat gold leaf, this captivating sculpture will surely be the centre point of any room.

This gold 100 Year anniversary replica will be strictly limited to only 25 examples worldwide. On the underside is a plaque of providence, individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Each gold replica is entirely handmade by Glen in his Cornish workshop.

Price: £1,490

100year replica sculpture

Manx Grand Prix 2024

I got the idea to make this gold replica during the 2023 Manx Grand Prix after talking to a friend about making a return to race at the Manx in 2024.

100year replica sculpture
100year replica sculpture

Why Only 25?

I want to keep this trophy exclusive and 25 has also been my race number for over 20 years and is the number I plan to run in the 2024 event. In investing in one of the 25 gold replica trophies you will be contributing to making this happen.

Glen raced in the Manx Grand Prix from 1991 to 2000, culminating in winning the 2000 senior classic Manx Grand Prix.

Glen has been receiving great recognition outside of the motorsport arena having been commissioned to sculpture in bronze a 1.5m high coat of arms for the 7th Duke of Westminster, that is now the centrepiece of the entrance to the Stamford Hall Royal Military Hospital.

Also in other works, Glen is commissioned by the famous Newlyn Copper Works where we recently had a visit from King Charles.

Mike Hailwood 40th Anniversary Bronze Sculpture.

Mike Hailwood 40th Anniversary Bronze Sculpture made to celabrate the 40th Anniversary of Mikes 1978 comeback. 10 inches long limited & only 40 Worldwide
£375.00 inc P&P.

In 2009 Glen was commissioned to make a full size Mercury trophy identical to the Famous Senior TT trophy only in Bronze to emphasise the Manx Grand Prix Amateur status, This Trophy is called the Paul Bladon Trophy and is awarded to the rider setting the fastest lap in the Classic Manx Grand Prix, this can be seen on the website.  

Right: The official Bronze full size replica of the Senior T.T. trophy commissioned by the Manx motorcycle club. Awarded for fastest lap in the ‘post classic’ Manx Grand Prix.

mercury bronze
replica bronze bronze replica

barry sheene sculpture

Bronze and Pewter sculptures.

Each sculpture is hand made before being given its own individual number, limited to only 500 worldwide. Each sculpture is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by Glenn and comes in a silk lined presentation case making them an excellent gift / collector's item.

Barry Sheene.
1976-77 500cc World Champion and former teammate of Glenn in classic bike racing
Cornish pewter

£140 incl. postage

billy ivy

Billy Ivy
Cornish pewter
£140 incl. postage

carl fogarty

Carl Fogarty
Long Cold Cast Bronze
£395 + £10 postage, £20 overseas
Small pewter £140 incl. postage

bob Mcintyre

Bob McIntyre

Geoff Duke

Geoff Duke
Cornish Pewter
10cm long
£140 incl. postage

joey dunlop

Joey Dunlop
Cornish Pewter
£140 incl. postage

joey dunlop

Joey Dunlop
Cold cast bronze: £395 + £10 postage / £20 overseas
small pewter £140 incl. postage

Mike Hailwood
Cold cast bronze
26cm high

Valentino Rossi


Ducati engine

Ducati Engine